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6 Month Conditional Use GUARANTEE


By beginning a membership, you indicate that you have READ and UNDERSTOOD THESE ENTIRE REFUND TERMS and USE POLICIES

Specifically, all memberships are sold and provided to you on a Conditional Use Basis as pursuant to the exchange of trade secret and proprietary information. “Free Looks” are not offered on this membership program, as by the time you “look”, you then know the processes and could feasibly proceed without this membership course and/or instructions. Therefore, you are purchasing membership and training area ACCESS IN ADVANCE. Therefore, no flat cancellations are advertised or offered.

Additional 6 Month Trial Guarantee: Complete a Full 6 Months as an active member and USE the program for a full 6 months as instructed in the members training area. If you follow the members instructions and fail to receive at least $5,000.00 worth of merchandise to test and review during the first 6 Months, you may submit the trial voucher forms per the return instructions provided to you in the members area and receive a full refund of your membership fees. This is the condition of your additional 6 month trial guarantee. If you cease to login to the members area at least once weekly prior to completing your full 6 months, this portion of the guarantee will not apply to you.

These refund terms and conditions apply to all membership levels regardless. Submission of a membership plan order indicates that you have read and understand the specific product guarantee and conditional refund terms as written.

Questions or Concerns regarding this Refund Policy: Please notify the site admin here by sending an email. Note: The previous blue link should open your email program so you may send an email to the site admin. If the previous blue link is not click-able from your browser, simply MANUALLY SEND AN EMAIL to

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