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Smart Parent Connection Headquarters
From: Jay West

Dear Friend,


A Nice High Chair?

A Nursery Set complete with a Changing Table and All New Accessories?

How about a New Hi-Tech Wireless Nursery Monitor System?

Or – How about a Brand New Top of the Line Baby Bassinet, a Plush Car Seat and load of Educational Baby and Children’s Toys? – ALL FREE!

Listen up parents and grandparents, there are very few times in life when a bona fide, legitimate opportunity is realized and NOW HERE IT IS!

As a member, all you need is a street delivery address so United Parcel Service, DHL or Fed-X can drive right up to your door and deliver huge boxes and packages filled with Totally Free Merchandise!

Now if you only have a Post Office Box for delivery, you can still get small infant and baby toys and other small merchandise, but in order to get the REALLY GOOD BIG STUFF like Strollers, Car Seats, and Nursery Furniture, you’ll need a real street address so UPS, DHL or Fed-X can deliver right to your door!

Hey, it’s OK though – if you do only have a PO Box for delivery or say you live in an Apartment complex that isn’t real UPS or Fed-Ex Friendly – don’t worry, we can work around that small problem and yes, you can still get a weekly delivery of really huge boxes and packages filled with really expensive merchandiseguaranteed!

Now. This secret insider program was originally revealed to us directly by a Top Ranked Marketing Executive who knew how things worked inside the manufacturing and distribution industry!

He really SPILLED THE BEANS to us revealing the secret of how average parents with “insider knowledge” had been quietly receiving thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of Free Infant, Baby, and Children’s Merchandise for years!

We took that information and ran with it by forming the Smart Parent Connection Program that allowed our company to become the middleman between members and the huge manufacturing and distribution companies.

In fact, giving away a certain percentage of their merchandise is actually figured into their yearly budgets. They are required to give away a certain number of samples and demo units in order to keep receiving their huge tax breaks.

Now listen if these companies are required to give away these samples and demo units to someone in order to obtain their million dollar a year tax write offs, shouldn’t you become a member today so you can start getting your share of these totally free products for your own family?

It’s really a no-brainer proposition.

It’s true, these great products are Totally No Cost to you for simply following the program instructions. You may request as many free products from the manufacturers database as you wish, then use the products and give us your short honest review of how each product that you received worked for you.

So you’ve been waiting for the catch – Right?

Well, that’s it!

That is truly the only catch to the Smart Parent Connection Program!

You can’t just take these expensive products from the manufacturers and do nothing in return…

You see every great thing in life comes with a small catch.

So, here’s the catch – just listen closely.

You and your family have to USE these great products.

This is called consumer product reviewing.

It’s very fun and easy!

As a member, you follow the member guidelines by requesting as many free products as you like, then use these great products you receive and give us your short honest review of how each product, sample, or demo unit worked for you.

  • How did you and your family like each product?
  • Did each product perform to your family’s expectations?
  • Do you feel the product is manufactured with the foremost safety of your family and children in mind?
  • In your opinion, could the product be improved in any way?

It only takes about a paragraph of information and five minutes of your time to write your product review and email it to us.

There’s no jumping through hoops, no surveys to complete, and this program does not involve completing dozens of trial advertising offers from other companies until you‘ve turned blue in the face!

In fact, there are NO additional offers to complete ever!

With this program, you simply join the program today and follow the easy member instructions in order to begin requesting all the free products you want immediately.

As soon as your hit the Add to Cart Button and secure you membership, you will immediately be granted access to the manufacturers database with a detailed list of over 2,500 manufacturers items.

This gigantic database is complete with color product photos, complete item descriptions, and YES you DO get to choose the exact products and model numbers of each item you wish to receive.

There are No limits to the number of products you can request and there are No Tricks and No Gimmicks!

Products available are Infant, Baby and Children’s Toys. Baby Feeding Products, Baby Care & Bath Products, Baby Swings, Baby Bouncers, Baby Walkers, Potties, High Chairs, Car Seats, Baby Mobiles, Baby Teethers & Rattles, Baby Travel Products, Strollers, Baby & Children’s Safety Products, Beds, Nursery Furniture, and over 2,500 other manufacturer’s items!

And that’s just a short list – we haven’t even covered Educational Games and other Learning and Skill Building Products!

But listen, you must get your hands on this secret NOW by securing your membership today, because some people are VERY MAD!

CEO’s in charge of Major Retail and Big Box Stores are FURIOUS that we have come forward making this program available to you.

Why? – Because they don’t want you to know the insider secret to receiving Totally Free Infant, Baby, and Children’s Products! – If you can get virtually any valuable consumer item you ever want or need for your family Free, it takes money out of their pockets, and believe me …they don’t want YOU to get this program into YOUR HANDS!

Now Listen!

In order to begin receiving new Strollers, High Chairs, Nursery Furniture, Educational Toys, as well as many other consumer products totally free, then go ahead and hit the Add to Cart Button Now!


You will immediately be directed to the members area where you’ll receive your instructions and starter package.

You can even be inside the 2,500 Item Product database within the next 15 Minutes and begin following the program instructions to request your first products within the next hour.

But, let me warn you – once your friends and neighbors begin to see all the great expensive consumer items you are receiving Totally FREE for your family, word will spread like a wild fire out of control!

People may start calling you on the phone or start knocking on your front door (some people you don’t even know) offering to buy these products from you, or people may even begin making requests for specific infant, baby, or children’s items they want you to get for them!

This may sound great to you now, and you can certainly sell off all the excess products and merchandise you receive for 100% Profit or simply give them away as gifts!

In fact, I know that some of our members do resell these awesome products on eBay and make a fortune doing so!

But listen, once your friends and family find out that YOU are somehow getting Free Merchandise for Life, they will offer you money and even offer very personal favors trying to bribe you into getting free stuff for them too.

– It can become an extreme annoyance… So be prepared!

BUT on the other hand – DON’T WORRY!

This is NOT one of those Multi-Level Marketing Schemes that you have to drag other people into just to make it work…

In fact, if you want to keep it quiet, you can just let people keep wondering what you’re doing to get TOTALLY FREE EXPENSIVE MERCHANDISE for life…

Then, give them a “big wink” every time the UPS Driver delivers another big package to your front door!

Listen, I know you have some questions and you’re probably skeptical about this offer…

I don’t blame you a bit, because there are a lot of schemes, scams and rip offs on the Internet today – so you should be a little bit skeptical.

But I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this program.

So here’s a few things you may want to know before you decide if you really want to start receiving ALL the FREE MERCHANDISE you can handle for life!


This program can be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to you again and again many times over for months and years to come.

You see, once you are in the “Smart Parent Connection Loop” – you are in forever!

Yet, we are allowing you to join the program today for a mere token fee in comparison to the thousand of dollars of merchandise you will be able to receive.

We guarantee that you CAN and WILL receive expensive Infant, Baby, and Children’s merchandise completely free of charge or your small membership fee will be refunded in full!

Use your merchandise and products for your own family’s personal pleasure or sell off any excess you don’t want or need for Huge Profits!

As long as you are willing to give us your short honest review of each product you receive, you can continue to request as many products as you like.

Keep in mind that there’s only so much room in your home for the storage of high quality merchandise, so you’ll probably have to begin selling off some of the items you receive sooner or later. . .


Once you become a member, you will officially then be in the “Smart Parent Connection Loop” and will have the ability to receive virtually any type of Free Infant, Baby, and Children’s Merchandise you’ll ever need or desire for life!

So, there is just one more small condition!

You must understand that the transfer of this program and acceptance of your membership is final and you promise to NEVER share the information with anyone outside your immediate family.

So, by pressing the ADD TO CART BUTTON you agree to keep this program to yourself. You really can’t just go running around telling others about this secret insider program.

And remember, this is an independent consumer product reviewing position.

Just follow our simple program instructions and rules.
- It is very fun and easy.

We will show you exactly how to begin your new product reviewing position quickly and easily!

You can request as many free products as you like, but you must follow our instructions exactly,then use these great products and give us your short honest review of how each product, sample or demo unit you received worked for you and your family.

It only takes about a paragraph of information and five minutes of your time to write your product review and email it to us.

We will show you exactly how easy it is and you can even get started in the next 15 minutes by following the easy detailed program instructions in your members package.

Now, we have reserved just a select number of memberships which are going pretty fast – and we may or may not extend the number of memberships available.

I do want you to know that these program memberships are going fast, so if you want to be included in this program I highly recommend going ahead and hitting the ADD TO CART button now to secure your program.

And by the way, we offer one of the best guarantees in the industry today.

This is not a mere 30 Day Guarantee!

Not a 60 Day Guarantee!

… and Not Even 90 Days!

We are giving you A Full 6 Month Trial Period and we GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL receive a minimum of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS in free infant, baby, and children’s merchandise or your small membership fee will be REFUNDED IN FULL.

You can feel secure knowing that your program is backed by one the Best Refund Guarantees in The Industry.

So, go ahead and HIT the Add to Cart Button Now and I’ll see you on the other side in the members area in just a moment!

Expect the Best!


Jay West

P.S. – Listen … as a parent, new parent or future parent to be, raising a child can be very expensive!

In fact, a recent study estimates that raising one child from birth to age eighteen can cost as much as $13,000.00 per year.
That is over $230,000.00 during a full eighteen years based on today’s cost of living.

As a parent you really need all the help you can get, don‘t you?

So, you can keep running out and spending your hard earned money at Big Box Retail Stores and Online Retail Stores every time you need a new item for your children and growing family if you simply want to just keep throwing your hard earned money away.

Or you can get all the free Infant, Baby, and Children’s merchandise and consumer products you will ever need or want for life right here as a Smart Parent Connection Member!

We promise that this is real, it is legitimate, and you will not find a better opportunity anywhere guaranteed!

So, hit the ADD TO CART button now.

You will immediately be directed to the members area where you’ll receive your starter package.

You can even be inside the Twenty-Five Hundred Item Product database within the Next 15 Minutes and begin requesting your first products within the next hour.

So, HIT the Add to Cart Button Now and I’ll see you on the other side in the members area in just a moment!

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